Can I drop my child off at Itty Bitty City while I run errands?
All children who visit Itty Bitty City must be accompanied by an adult (someone aged 18 or older).
My child is older than 8, Can they still come and play?
Yes. Older children are welcome to play at Itty Bitty City as long as they are considerate of younger children. Some of our costumes and toys may be too small for older children, but there’s plenty of playology to go around!
How much is admission?
General admission $15 per child and $5 per adult Tuesday-Sunday. Admission is good for the entire day, so if you want to leave to eat lunch or have a nap and then come back, you can.
Do I need a reservation?
We are open for creative play every day. No need for advance reservations.
Do you have a membership option?
Yes. We have annual memberships available that will save money for families who plan to visit more than once per month.
How long can we stay?
Admission covers the entire day, so you are welcome to play, leave for lunch or a nap, and then come back.
What are your hours?
We are open Tuesday thru Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday/Saturday 9am-6pm and Sunday 11am-5pm.
Friday and Saturdays may close at 5pm to accommodate a private party, make sure to check our facebook or call ahead to check!
Are you open when the weather is bad?
As a general rule, we are open every day except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Day. In the case of inclement weather, if Springfield Public School is cancelled, we will be closed in the morning and will make an announcement on our Facebook page about whether or not we will be able to open in the afternoon.
Why do I have to sign a waiver for my kids?
Because our insurance company says so. Visiting Itty Bitty City is no more dangerous than visiting a park to play (probably less dangerous, actually), but our accident insurance policy requires that all visitors have a waiver on file. We strongly recommend filling out the waiver here on our website prior to your visit.
How do you keep the City clean?
Our exhibits and structures are cleaned and sanitized on a continual basis using cleaners that are kid and earth friendly. We have “yuck buckets” placed throughout the center to collect toys and other items that get into kids’ mouths or other germy places. Items from our yuck buckets are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before being returned to the play areas.
Do you have security in place?
To keep our visitors safe we require all children to be accompanied by an adult at all times. We do not admit adults without a child present. We also monitor the exit of the play area, but it is ultimately the adult's responsibility to watch over their children. Our Playologists monitor our play areas to make sure that visitors stay safe.
Can I have my child’s birthday party here?
Yes. We offer two birthday party package options with several features that can be added à la carte.
Is Itty Bitty City a franchise?
No, Itty Bitty City is owned by a local family here in Springfield MO.
Who painted your murals?
Sherri Davis from Murals by Sherri Davis did! She is our most favorite artist ever.
Can we bring in our own food and drink?
Drinks with lids are welcome for adults, We ask that all children's drinks remain in our lobby area.
Food can also be consumed in our lobby area as well.
If you are needing further accommodations ask our front desk for further options.
Do you have an area for nursing?
Yes. We have a designated nursing room at the back left corner of the play center. It includes a rocking chair, activity table for older siblings, sink, and diaper changing station.
Is there a diaper changing table in the men’s restroom?
All of our restrooms are family restrooms, and they are all outfitted with changing tables.
Can I visit if I don’t have kids with me?
Adults who are not accompanied by a child will not be admitted to Itty Bitty City.

Still have questions?

Please contact us for more information about Itty Bitty City