Take a Tour of Itty Bitty City

The Village

The Village is the “city” part of Itty Bitty City. Here you’ll find an itty bitty fire station, grocery store, vet office, cafe, schoolhouse, light factory, and gas station. Children and their parents can immerse themselves in interactive role-playing activities like fighting a fire, taking orders and cooking food in the cafe, and helping baby zoo animals feel better at the vet. In addition to learning real-world skills and getting to do “adult” activities, itty bitties are working on physical and cognitive development and social skills while they play here.

Stage in the Park

Head on over to the stage for dramatic play and musical creativity. There’s plenty of room to put on a play, premiere a puppet show, or form up an impromptu jam session. This area of Itty Bitty City helps itty bitties develop skills in abstract thinking, literacy, fine arts, communication, and social skills.

Big Blue Blocks

Our Big Blue Blocks are exactly that - Big and Blue. Blocks are one of the most important play materials for young children, as they allow for exploration in force and motion, balance, and spatial relation. Children of all ages enjoy creative play here while developing large motor skills, eye-hand coordination, creative problem solving, patience, and communication abilities. The blocks are big, but they are made of a lightweight high density foam that makes them easy to move and manipulate and just a whole lot of fun.


Our water play area is small (dare we say Itty Bitty?), but mighty. It features an 8x4 foot water table that has six different stations for Itty Bitties to explore the many different ways that water flows. Control the water vortex, build a lock and dam system, pump water over the water wheels, delve into the mushroom fountain, and build a fountain with our waterworks pipes. This is a popular favorite with visitors of all ages - we recommend bringing a change of clothes if you don't want your Itty Bitties to go home wet.

The Playology Lab

Activities here are ever changing, so you never know what you might find. Whether we’re excavating frozen dinosaurs or crafting a loose parts collage, there’s sure to be lots of creative energy in the air. The window-painting nook is a fun place to show the world your brush skills, or simply sit for a paint-over portrait. Plus, we’re secretly learning fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, working and communicating with others, and creative expression.

Infant Play

For Itty Bitties 1 year old and younger, we have a special spot full of activities to explore. Inside the picket fence you’ll find a mix of Montessori and modern toys that are all great for gross motor skills and mobility development. The bubbly ball pit is a great place to practice independence and grasping skills, or try our grand piano to show off all your skills.

Train Table

Choo Choo! All aboard! Here our itty bitties can build their own Itty Bitty City complete with buildings, a farm, an airport, city workers, and of course, trains! This 17 foot long train table is the longest in Missouri (at least, as far as we know), so there’s plenty of room for developing fine motor skills and flexing those creative brain muscles as our itty bitty conductors lay down tracks and go full steam ahead!

Ride-on Road

Riders, start your engines! Our Ride-on Road circles the village area of Itty Bitty City. A selection of foot powered ride on toys are available for our little racers. They can zoom around the track, take a leisurely drive, or stop off at the gas station to fill up the tank and schedule a tune-up.